Saturday, 24 September 2011

We did something a bit different today

Today I travelled to Manchester with my mum and daughters for a makeover shoot. I wasn’t looking forward to it but actually, it was a lot of fun. The girls and my mum enjoyed the pampering – and OK so did I. We viewed the pics after and brought some away on a CD.

I managed to look like a bit of a fool when I asked the photographer how she had managed to slim me down when everyone else looked just right. She looked slightly confused but the girls just laughed and said, “No mum – that’s just how you look now.” OK I admit it – I was impressed. Until I saw those photos, my mental image was at least two sizes larger and I was genuinely happy with that. But I was bowled over to discover how I really looked. And OK, I have a few lines on my face these days but who cares.!I deliberately asked them NOT to edit out the lines – “If you do that, in five years time, I’ll look ancient in comparison.”

Afterwards, we were all ravenous so ate in a nice restaurant to round off the day. The girls chatted excitedly and my mum joined in. I was still in a good mood following my realisation re my figure but I felt a bit flat. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why that was but eventually, slowly it dawned on me. Al was missing. He should have been with us. He was a very sociable boy and would have lapped up all the attention. Having been used to cameras from a young age when reporters would arrive to take pics for Home Education articles, he always smiled for a camera. He loved attention and would have revelled in it – especially as the photographer was a young attractive woman. Yes - he was also an incorrigible flirt.  I think he would have approved of what we did today though.
Here's a couple of my beautiful boy.